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Extraordinary Ingredients, Rooted in Wellness

Every ingredient in EverRoot supplements has a purpose, a reason to be there. And, because we’re powered by Purina, our experts in animal nutrition have used these natural ingredients to create some truly healthful supplements.

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    We take pride in our sourcing and traceability practices

    We use only Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients; we search the world for organic ingredients like chamomile and Sri Lankan coconut, or source oils from wild-caught Alaskan salmon and cod from Marine Stewardship Council-certified fisheries.


      Don't just take our word for it

      Every EverRoot product is qualified by at least one of these agencies, and often more than that. Click below to out more information on who's given us their certifications.

        • NASC National Animal Supplement Council Quality Seal

          NASC Quality Seal

          The NASC stands for the “National Animal Supplement Council,” and they only give their Quality Seal to supplements that pass an independent audit every two years and pass other tests including random product testing, labeling guidelines, quality control and more.

          Learn more about the NASC 
        • USDA Certified Organic seal

          USDA Certified Organic

          The USDA has specific regulations for products to be labelled as certified organic. This includes strict rules around pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics and more – for example, any fish ingredients are excluded from USDA approval. Gaining the ability to use the USDA Certified Organic seal on our formulas that don’t use fish isn’t easy, but it is worth it.

          Learn more about the NOP 
        • Non-GMO Project certified logo

          Non-GMO Project Verified

          Called “The most trusted seal for GMO avoidance,” the Non-GMO Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting non-GMO foods and supplements. If you’re wanting to avoid genetically modified organisms in your dog’s diet, this is the seal you want to see, and we are proud to say that every EverRoot formula has qualified to fit the Non-GMO Project verified qualifications.

          Learn more about the Non-GMO Project 
        • Marine Stewardship Council MSC blue fish certification logo

          Marine Stewardship Council

          The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is a global nonprofit on a mission to end overfishing. The MSC blue fish label is only applied to wild seafood from fisheries that have been certified to the MSC Fisheries Standard, a science-based set of requirements for environmentally sustainable fishing. When you see the blue fish label on an EverRoot formula, you can trust that it's wild, sustainable and traceable.

          Learn more about the MSC 

        Primary Ingredients

        Explore the natural main ingredients in each of our supplements.

        • Salmon filet and salmon oil


          An important source of Omega-3 fatty acids that sustain many elements of your dog’s well-being, including joint, skin, and coathealth.

          See Products with Salmon 
        • Bouquet of Chamomile flowers


          Like a warm cup of tea before bed, just for your dog! The organic chamomile extract naturally calms your nervous or over-eager pooch.

          See Products with Chamomile 
        • Hemp seed and leaves

          Hemp seed

          Our organic hemp seed oil can help your dog relax while supporting their appetite, skin, and joint health.

          See Products with Hemp seed 
        • Bowl of Biotin


          Biotin benefits dogs in a variety of ways, but you may notice an improvement in your dog’s skin and coat.

          See Products with Biotin 
        • Coconuts


          We use only organic coconut oil in our supplements. The medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) found in coconut oil have been shown to promote alertness and activity in senior dogs.

          See Products with Coconut 
        • Green-lipped mussels

          Green-lipped mussels

          The green lipped mussels in our supplements were harvested from the pristine waters of New Zealand. They’re naturally rich in taurine, which is known to have heart health benefits.

          See Products with Green-lipped mussels 
        • Cherries

          Montmorency cherries

          Cherry up! Filled with anthocyanins, powerful anti-inflammatory compounds, our organic tart cherry powder can help promote improved learning, selective attention, and cognitive function in senior dogs.

          See Products with Montmorency cherries 
        • Pumpkin


          Oh, my gourd! The organic pumpkin we use in our supplements is filled with prebiotic fiber, a key element of gut health and balanced digestive microbiome.

          See Products with Pumpkin 
        • Safflower


          Originally used by Spanish colonists as a substitute for saffron, the oil from organic safflower is brimming with linoleic acid, a fatty acid that helps support your dog’s sensitive skin.

          See Products with Safflower 
        • bunch of Spirulina


          Spirulina is an amazing, nutrient-dense biomass of blue-green algae! We use it in our supplements for daily support in immune response and natural antibody production.

          See Products with Spirulina 
        • Bowl of Turmeric powder


          More than just a flavor in delicious curries, the curcumin in our organic turmeric may benefit your dog’s joints, heart, and overall immunity.

          See Products with Turmeric 
        • Bowl of Zinc


          An essential mineral, our natural zinc powder supports your dog’s immune system, cognitive function, and skin and coat health.

          See Products with Zinc 
        • Acai fruit

          Aah-sigh-yee! Our organic acai fruit powder is packed with antioxidants and vitamins that boost your dog’s healthy immune system.

          See Products with Acai fruit 
        • Astaxanthin

          With powerful antioxidant properties, our astaxanthin is sourced from microalgae to foster healthy joints, cognitive function, and immune response.

          See Products with Astaxanthin 
        • Ginger

          Our organic fermented ginger root powder can enhance the performance digestive enzymes that support your dog’s overall and digestive health.

          See Products with Ginger 
        • Green tea

          Green tea extract is filled with L-theanine, an amino acid which is known to promote a sense of relaxation. The organic green tea extract in our supplements can help calm your dog without drowsiness.

          See Products with Green tea 
        • Pomegranate

          Simply wonderful! Our organic pomegranate juice enhances your dog’s oral hygiene and digestive health.

          See Products with Pomegranate 
        • Psyllium

          Our organic psyllium powder helps your dog maintain regular digestive function and healthy intestinal track.

          See Products with Psyllium 
        • Sunflower

          Here comes the sun. Our organic sunflower oil helps your dog’s skin stay hydrated for a soft and silky coat.

          See Products with Sunflower 

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