Every dog is different. Different sizes, ages, breeds and personalities. Some that love to chase and some that love to lounge. The loyal companions that follow your every move around the house or the social butterflies that are eager to make friends at the dog park. But one thing’s for sure – there’s no other dog like yours.

At EverRoot, we know dogs’ unique selves could benefit from a little extra support. Penny might need something to settle her tummy, while Walter could use some calm in his life. But finding the right way to help means finding the right ingredients for the job. That’s why we use only Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients, and it’s why we search the world for organic ingredients like chamomile and Sri Lankan coconut, or source oils from wild-caught Alaskan salmon and cod from Marine Stewardship Council-certified fisheries. We take pride in our sourcing and traceability practices. And we believe in our collective brain power, our never-ending curiosity, and our own brilliant animal nutritionist, Dr. Brian. All of this to benefit your one-of-a-kind dog above and beyond his normal diet.

We know you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your dog’s health. That’s the proactive pet parent in you (high five!). And although our supplements are rooted in wellness, our pursuit for personalized pet health is limitless. We’re here to be that extra boost of reassurance with supplements you can personalize no matter the size, age or breed of the unique dog you love so much.

  • Dr. Brian, PhD in Animal Nutrition

    When I joined the team to develop the line of EverRoot supplements, I knew that I could bring to life a line of non-GMO and organic-based supplements that I would use for my own dogs, but would be backed by science, based on nutritional research, to deliver truly beneficial products. I knew I could use all natural and all non-GMO ingredients, as well as from whole organic food sources or plant extracts, to help give dogs the kind of support that nature intended.I live in in St. Louis, Missouri, and joined Purina in 2005 where I’m currently a Senior Research Nutritionist. I earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Animal Science at the University of Kentucky, then continued my training as a Postdoctoral Research Scientist working on nutrient metabolism in aging animals. As a passionate pet owner of both cuddle pooches and highly active performance dogs, I’ve used many ingredients for supplemental purposes to support the health, wellness, and performance of my pets. I’ve even used many of these same ingredients for my own personal health and performance, especially MCT oil, fish oil, vitamin D, and turmeric!