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Could your dog be experiencing hip or joint stiffness?  

A dog’s normal daily exercise could lead to hip and joints needing a little extra love. Proactive care can reduce the wear and tear on your dog’s joints that may lead to: 

  • Difficulty climbing stairs 
  • Moving slowly when rising 
  • Walking stiffly 
  • Reluctance to jump up or down  
  • Struggling to get in and out of the car  
    Salmon and salmon oil

    EverRoot offers preventive help for joint stiffness caused by normal daily exercise and activity

    Our supplements provide the perfect blend of oils and nutrients to support the health of your dog’s hips and joints.

    • Wild Caught Salmon and Cod Liver Oil

      Rich in Omega-3 oils to support joints

    • Omega-3 Fatty Acids 

      High in DHA & EPA to support overall health

    Happiness Guaranteed - or a Full Refund!

    We strive to keep you happy and your pet healthy. If you've experienced anything less than that, you absolutely, positively deserve your money back.

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    Don't Take Our Word for It

    All EverRoot supplements bear the NASC Quality Seal and Non-GMO Project Verified certification proudly. And though many of our supplements are already USDA Organic and Marine Stewardship Council certified, we are always pushing to earn more verification from third parties who can see the good in what we’re doing.

    • Marine Stewardship Council MSC blue fish certification logo

      *Hemp Oil excluded

    • NASC National Animal Supplement Council Quality Seal
    • Non-GMO Project certified logo
    • Amazing Product! 

      I was a little skeptical to try this product as there are so many out there that claim to help with hips and joints and actually don't, but I was happy to try this one out. It is super easy to add into my dogs food and she really likes the taste of it. I also saw a noticeable difference in her walk after about a month of taking the supplements. She has had trouble with one of her back legs and since trying this out, the stiffness has seemed to subside. Thankyou!!! 

      - Audrina24 
      Hip & Joint Liquid Packs

    • Springing into Action! 

      After only a couple of weeks taking EverRoot Hip and Joint Supplement, our little boy Blue is moving better than ever. He was born sufferning [sic] from hip dysplasia and has always been a little slow in his movements as a result. In recent weeks with the help of the supplement, he is now hopping up on and down off the couch and is able to successfully make his way down the stairs. It's quite a change for him. He is now walking and running with a great spring in his step -- causing chaos everywhere now! I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. 

      - Mookiejt
      Hip & Joint Liquid Packs

    • Great joint relief & easy to give

      My dog just needs 1 tablespoon of the Ever Root Hemp Hip & Joint salmon and hemp seed oil to ease her discomfort! She seemed to enjoy the taste and I love the transparency of the ingredients. With hemp seed oil, fish oil blend of omega, and vitamin E, it also helps support skin health. I received a free sample in exchange for my honest opinion and review! 

      - Kristina
      Hip & Joint Salmon & Hemp Seed Oil