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Could your dog be experiencing seasonal allergies?

Environmental factors and genetic predisposition can cause symptoms such as:

  • Itchiness and irritation
  • Repetitive licking or scratching
  • Dry or flaky skin
  • Redness due to repetitive licking or scratching
  • Chewing or licking their paws

    EverRoot can promote a healthy skin & coat

    Our tasty supplements provide dogs with the perfect blend of nutrients and oils to help with a healthy skin & coat:

    • Safflower Oil

      Rich in linoleic acid which helps support sensitive skin

    • Coconut & Fish Oils

      Includes MCTs*, vitamin A, DHA and EPA to support overall skin health

      * only available in oil products

    • Organic Peanut Butter

      Ensures a tasty experience for your pup

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    Don’t Take Our Word for It

    All EverRoot supplements bear the NASC Quality Seal and Non-GMO Project Verified certification proudly. And though many of our supplements are already USDA Organic and Marine Stewardship Council certified, we are always pushing to earn more verification from third parties who can see the good in what we’re doing.

    • Marine Stewardship Council MSC blue fish certification label
    • Non-GMO Project Logo
    • NASC National Animal Supplement Council Quality Seal
    • Softer Fur

      I have a Frenchie and at first she wasn't sure about this product but after I started putting it on some dog biscuits, she gobbled it up. She is on the dosage border line so only gets half the packet. Amazing results! Her fur is markedly softer and she rarely scratches now.

      – Stacid1
      Skin & Coat Liquid Packs

    • Beautiful Skin and Coat

      My German Shepherd has been using EverRoot Skin and Coat Liquid Packs for the last few weeks and I’m loving the results. He seems to be scratching less and his coat is shiny and soft. He loves the flavor of this!! It smells like peanut butter and I squeeze it on regular dog food.

      – Corinnag2
      Skin & Coat Liquid Packs

    • My dog loves it

      I bought this supplement about a month ago, and his skin is looking much better, and he's not scratching as much.

      – Julie
      Skin & Coat Supplement Oil

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to give these to my dog every day to see a benefit? 

    In order for your dog to receive the full benefits, we’d recommend you administer per the instructions on the package over the course of the day. For example, the daily amount can be divided. 

    Are these supplements administered topically or orally? 

    EverRoot supplements are intended to be administered orally.

    How should I administer the supplements to my dog? 

    • Oil: Prior to feeding, we recommend shaking the oil in the bottle before use. This will properly mix the ingredients together and will allow the oil to pour easily out of the bottle. The oil is best consumed mixed in with your dog’s regular food. ​
    • Liquid Packs: We recommend massaging the liquid packs first before use to mix the ingredients together and to achieve the desired consistency. The liquid packs can be consumed directly by mouth or poured on to your dog’s regular food. The oil is best consumed mixed in with your dog’s regular food. ​

    Note: We wouldn’t recommend adding the oil or liquid pack contents to water as the two won’t mix. Because water is offered free choice and not in a measured amount, it may be that your dog won’t consume the entire recommended dosage in one day. 

    How long before I see a benefit in my dog?  

    • The benefits of different supplements and their active ingredients may be directly visible or may work within your pet to provide their health benefit without being directly visible. ​
    • This will differ between each of the EverRoot product benefits. It is also important to consider that each dog is different and the length of time to observe visible effects will be unique to your pet.

    How should I store products after they have been opened? 

    Store in a cool, dry place and make sure the container is closed. ​

    • Opened liquid packs should be placed in a sealed package or bag before storing.​
    • Opened bottles of oil should be refrigerated and used within 100 days. 

    Do you offer EverRoot supplements for cats?

    EverRoot supplements are only intended for dogs at this time.