Every dog deserves to feel their best 

At EverRoot, we’ve developed supplements that can help support health, wellness and performance.

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    Support your best friend’s key health functions

    Our team of experts understands that each dog has unique needs, so we've developed a range of supplements across a variety of benefit areas. 

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      Crafted with chamomile and green tea extract to support your dog's nervousness or hyperactivity.

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      Skin & Coat

      Ease sensitive skin and encourage shiny coats with the perfect blend of nutrients and oils.

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      Hip & Joint

      Ease joint stiffness due to normal exercise and support your dog’s mobility so they can feel comfortable and happy.

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      Help your pup maintain a healthy gut in times of environmental stress or changes in diet.

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      Formulated to boost immune response and promote the production of natural antibodies.

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      Heart Health

      Promote a healthy heart and optimal vascular function to support overall health and vitality.

    • Brain Health

      Brain Health

      Support your dog's cognitive function and promote overall brain health.

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      All Benefits

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    Everything your unique dog needs, without the things they don’t

    Our traceably sourced ingredients are certified and approved by unbiased third party agencies you can trust.

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    • Softer Fur

      I have a Frenchie and at first she wasn't sure about this product but after I started putting it on some dog biscuits, she gobbled it up. She is on the dosage border line so only gets half the packet. Amazing results! Her fur is markedly softer and she rarely scratches now.

      - Stacid1
      Skin & Coat Liquid Packs

    • My dog and I both love it

      I've been looking for a natural product without harmful ingredients that will keep my hyper puppy calm, however it has been difficult to find a product that works.  That changed when I was introduced to EverRoot Dog Calming Supplement Chewable Tablets.  I give them daily to my pup and they control his nervous energy without making him too sleepy. 

      - Proav8r
      Calming Chewable Tablets

    • Beautiful Skin and Coat

      My German Shepherd has been using EverRoot Skin and Coat Liquid Packs for the last few weeks and I’m loving the results. He seems to be scratching less and his coat is shiny and soft. He loves the flavor of this!! It smells like peanut butter and I squeeze it on regular dog food.

      – Corinnag2
      Skin & Coat Liquid Packs