Does My Dog Have Allergies?

It has been estimated that up to 15 percent of dogs suffer from skin allergies, also known as allergic dermatitis. Allergic reactions often lead to skin inflammation, and the most common sign of allergies is scratching. Signs generally occur seasonally, but can extend throughout the year. Environmental contaminants, such as dust and mold, can cause allergies in a dog.

Finding the Right Solution for Your Dog’s Allergies

EverRoot offers all-natural supplements to support a dog's healthy skin and coat including this formula made with organic safflower oil.  Safflower oil gives your dog a boost of fatty acids while a coconut & fish oil blend offers MCTs, vitamin A, DHA & EPA. Brewer’s yeast further supports your dog’s skin & coat, providing some helpful zinc and biotin. All of that might more sense to Dr. Brian, our own animal nutritionist who formulated this supplement, but needless to say, our Skin & Coat oil is packed with healthy, wholesome nutrients.


Your veterinarian can help diagnose and determine the best treatment for your dog’s allergies. Schedule a visit to determine the cause of your dog’s discomfort.


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