Don’t Take Our Word for It

We know it’s easier to trust a company when they get the seal of approval from an unbiased third party. Every EverRoot product is qualified by at least one of these agencies, and often more than that. Click below to find out more information on who’s given us their certifications.

    • Non-GMO Project Verified

      Called “The most trusted seal for GMO avoidance,” the Non-GMO Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting non-GMO foods and supplements. If you’re wanting to avoid genetically modified organisms in your dog’s diet, this is the seal you want to see, and we are proud to say that every EverRoot formula has qualified to fit the Non-GMO Project verified qualifications.

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    • NASC Quality Seal

      The NASC stands for the “National Animal Supplement Council,” and they only give their Quality Seal to supplements that pass an independent audit every two years and pass other tests including random product testing, labeling guidelines, quality control and more.

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    • USDA Certified Organic

      The USDA has specific regulations for products to be labelled as certified organic. This includes strict rules around pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics and more – for example, any fish ingredients are excluded from USDA approval. Gaining the ability to use the USDA Certified Organic seal on our formulas that don’t use fish isn’t easy, but itisworth it.

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    • Marine Stewardship Council

      The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is a global nonprofit on a mission to end overfishing. The MSC blue fish label is only applied to wild seafood from fisheries that have been certified to the MSC Fisheries Standard, a science-based set of requirements for environmentally sustainable fishing. When you see the blue fish label on an EverRoot formula, you can trust that it's wild, sustainable and traceable.

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